Despite a well-fought campaign Zuleyka, the self-confessed underdog, wasn’t able to stop Stu ascending to the wooden throne.

Stu’s victory wasn’t casualty free, the Wadham left is said to be distraught and Abbas Kazmi & co will be crying into their champers at their “legendary” Bridge table.

The margin of victory was over 1000 to around 400, the biggest in recent contested-electoral history.

Of course, the election isn’t done & dusted yet – members of the Union now have 48 hours in which to tribunalise (‘trib’) their enemies. Complaints should be addressed in writing to the Returning Officer, Robert Boissonneault.

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Stu’s crew flew through the election with aplomb, #STEP took the posts of Librarian, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as 4 of the 5 places on the Standing Committee and 7/11 Seccies

VERSA, fully prepared to be tribbed itself wishes all parties the best of luck in their future ventures.


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  1. versa wot won it

  2. The Vaughans send their regards

  3. Sleepy sleepy sleepy

  4. Lord Hardtrasher

    Here’s a list of all the elections that the Oxford left has won this term:


  6. Never say never again. Zu’s back next term.

  7. Darn and blast, I was hoping Zuleyka would forgive my fines

  8. No Adam, my reign of terror continues. You’ve already had to pay me once, you will be paying again.

  9. The Oxford Activist Network

    We think covering things up is unacceptable, which is why all of us who have been hacking for Zuleyka have covered up for the fact that she’s bullied numerous people and called someone “mentally retarded” for deciding not to run with her any more! Make any sense to you? No, but we’ll claim it’s a neo-liberal conspiracy when we’re caught out!

  10. Zu’s already preparing her next campaign against Harris. But needs a new slogan. Thoughts?

  11. Politicalanalyst

    Zu’s campaign is not over. A quarter of US presidents ran unsuccessfully for the office at least once before winning.

    Remember Nixon? He lost in 1960 before winning triumphantly in 1968.

    Zu’s about to pull a Nixon on all of us.

  12. Huh? Abbas told me he was going to either PIMCO or Citadel. And then Wharton School of Business in 2016.




  14. David Browne (3x Standing Committee)

    Curses! I can’t believe that I lost yet another contested Standing election! It’s all the fault of that disgusting TRAITOR Joe Miles!

  15. Someone will resign and Browne will be on again. Old news.

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  17. ThePersonWhoKnows

    Looks like Zuleyka is playing the retirement card to win her trib. Her implicit reasoning is, why would she need to get permanently banned when she will never set foot on the Union again.

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