The forgotten ‘ism’: struggles of a BFG

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber weren’t exactly being comedic geniuses here (surprising, I know); ‘fucking grim’ might have been a new insult, but at 6’2″, she is no stranger to comparisons with Roald Dahl’s fictional giant. These were not the only comments about her height she received that night – two girls ogled at her and […]

Max Ramsay, Author at VERSA

People: Her last debate got hot…  The motion was ‘This House Would Rather Be Witty Than Pretty’. After Zuleyka Shahin and Stuart Webber traded blows, the… Read More › News: The body of Jed Allen, wanted in connection with a triple murder , has been found. The police are confident they have identified the body… […]

Why are “NOW or NEVER” deleting questions?

With the new rules introduced last term, slates are now legal in Union elections (though, as everybody knows, they were always a feature). Fortunately for the average member, the two slates – Stuart Webber’s STEP and Zuleyka Shahin’s NOW or NEVER – have shiny new Facebook pages, just to make sure we don’t miss a […]

VERSA | We looked up the new Vice-Chancellor without focusing on her gender

Professor Louise Richardson will take over from the beloved Professor Andrew Hamilton as Vice-Chancellor in 2016, provided Congregation ratify the decision. Her appointment is being celebrated as a success for gender equality in the university, although Richardson herself claimed she “looks forward to the day when a woman being appointed isn’t in itself news.” Keen […]