VERSA | Green Dawn hits Oxford: building toppled in protest

This act comes in the wake of one of Oxford University’s most astonishing, controversial stances yet. Today, in a statement that has devastated millions, the University has announced its long-standing commitment to exploiting the earth’s resources in the name of capitalism, profit, shareholders, the Vice-Chancellor’s annual salary, and Friedrich von Hayek. Seeds of the revolution were […]

VERSA | Bye-bye Bertie: President of Oxford Union removed

Bye bye Bertie, Bertie goodbye, bye bye Bertie, don’t make us cry Finally, the fight has been lost. Roberto Weeden-Sanz’s last-ditch attempt to overturn his own ‘resignation’ in a Special Disciplinary Committee (SDC) on Monday evening has failed. Olivia Merrett has replaced him as President of the Oxford Union. His final tribute Roberto called the SDC in an […]

Versa | Men at St John’s got dressed as damsels in distress for drinking society initiations

Male students dressed as damsels in distress so they could be rescued by initiates of a John’s women-only drinking society – a prank deemed ‘inverse sexism’ by some. Female initiates of the Zuleika Dobson drinking society had to ‘rescue’ male students hidden around the college, who volunteered to be wrapped in clingfilm and act as […]