Exclusive speaker releases ain’t worth anything when the Tab leaks it first.

Tab editor Shakeel Hashim has stuck two fingers up to the Union. Despite having their pitch for the exclusive Trinity speaker release at the Union turned down, he got hold of a leaked copy of the termcard and beat the Cherwell to the release.

It appears haste took precedence over accuracy. They wrongly announced hate-preacher Anjem Choudary and made mistakes in debate titles & the membership price. These errors were later corrected at the request of Union officials.



The Tab release the leak, but include Choudary.

Cherwell, who were supposed to release the upcoming Union events, have responded by releasing a list of speakers (including some The Tab didn’t know about). HackWatch was hoping for better chat.

The editors of Cherwell don’t sound happy. “The Tab has been releasing the Union line up for as long as we can remember. However this term the Union opened it up to all Oxford student publications and Cherwell pitched and won,” they said. “The Tab had to play dirty when they lost fairly. Classic Tab.

Shakeel Hashim told VERSA he received the information just after hearing his pitch was rejected. He brushed off the mistakes, saying there “were five inaccuracies in the entire list of speakers…which is pretty good”.

There’ll be some headaches among the Union committee, Hashim labelled the line-up “a disappointing one”. Ouch.

The Tab announced Piers Morgan, Hilary Swank, and others, along with a provisional termcard. Then Cherwell dropped their top 8.

HackWatch suggests you don’t get on Shakeel Hashim’s bad side…


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  1. Joe Miles is a TRAAAIIITOR!

  2. Once again the Tab shits on the Cherwell

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