Laura Kennedy, one of the two Editors-in-Chief at The Oxford Student, has today resigned from her position.

Kennedy, a Law student at New, is currently rusticated but is due to sit her finals next term. Versa understands ill-health was the reason for her decision to quit.

Kennedy was editor for the duration of the Christmas vacation, and two print issues of the publication were produced under her editorship.



The shock move leaves Alys Key, an English student and second-year at Somerville, the sole Editor-in-Chief of the publication. Should there be a replacement Editor appointed, the interview process and appointment will happen on Monday, with the new editor’s photo taken shortly after.

OUSU President Louis Trup declined to comment, claiming that he was unaware of the situation. We approached Kennedy for comment before publication.


Versa wishes Laura all the best for the future. 




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  1. Still two more than Amelia Hamer.

  2. Add disability shaming to the list of shit Versa has done. Newsflash: Putting the “we understand ill-health was the reason…” at the beginning of the article doesn’t make the language any more acceptable, or your tone less disgustingly acidic & smug: you’re still belittling her. Why use words like “quit” repeatedly instead of something like oh, I don’t know, “step down”? The words typically used by publications with even a modicum of respectability & dignity?

  3. They’re actually being quite sensitive to be honest. Stop being a twat for the sake of being a twat.

  4. ^^ The language in the article has changed since I posted my comment lol but good one

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