Running on his record (and literally nothing else)


The already gripping by-election for OUSU’s VP Grads position has taken another nail-biting turn with Jack Matthews’ announcement that he will be running in the race. Not.

In nearly a decade at Oxford, Matthews has held 22 OUSU positions. Possibly a world record but not one that anyone should want to hold. 

Interestingly, the former OUCA President appears to be supported by a number of prominent lefties. OUCAites have whispered for a while that Matthews is too chummy with the other side but it seems to be an effective electoral strategy.

Matthews is well known at P&P for employing a favoured Thatcher quote at every available opportunity: “Go out and join in the work of your Union. Go to its meetings—and stay to the end. Learn the Union rules as well as the Far Left know them, and remember this. If Parliamentary democracy dies, free Trade Unions die with it.”

With a sabb who has “scrutiny fan” in his twitter bio, we can be sure that a free OUSU won’t die either. 



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