Earlier, Jenny Williams wrote about why she left the ever-controversial Facebook group and has no intention of returning. Here, our news editor Max Ramsay takes to the floor in its defence…

I love Cuntry Living, and I’m going to tell you why.

The Cuntry Living Facebook page has been at the forefront of feminism in Oxford and further afield for a great deal of my time at Oxford. I have benefitted from its existence more than I probably even realise, and certainly in ways which I can’t quantify; but I think it’s fair to say Cuntry Living is undergoing a crisis of conscience. Just today, “personal attacks are a bit too prevalent on this page” was posted, to a reception of a large number of “likes”. Anecdotally, people have complained to me of exclusion on account of the language and knowledge expected from the page.

Since when was something that’s not perfect bad? There are issues, but Cuntry Living is still absolutely the ONE.

I’ve wanted to use these gifs for so long

I have been educated:

I identify as a feminist. I want gender equality. My understanding of feminism has been informed by discussion on the page: both information and opinions. This page is an unbelievable resource of actual information about all aspects of gender, but it even goes beyond this to discuss many other closely related issues of class/race etc. These are called intersections, a word I probably wouldn’t understand without Cuntry Living. I did not know have a rounded view of anonymity surrounding those accused of rape/sexual assault until the highly nuanced and personal discussions that occurred last term.

Shit-hot discussion:

Cuntry Living makes an environment which questions, discusses, and celebrates. There’s always going to be keyboard warriors shouting people down for being “wrong”, and there’s always going to be assholes trolling the page, but there’s a big silent majority of people taking things on board, considering them, and translating it into making a positive difference, even if only in a small way. Discussion for full understanding is vital, but it’s about positive change right? Fuck the people just on the internet to argue – there’s a greater purpose to the discussion and I think the majority of Cuntry Living has got it.

Cry some more, straight white boys

Fire fire:

There are some angry people, and that can be intimidating. But it’s actually quite nice to have some fiery, passionate people losing their shit for worthwhile causes. Sometimes to make change you need to make people hear you. I’m not going to lie, sometimes that happens on Cuntry Living, and sometimes people get it wrong, but I would rather have it that way than replace it with a sanitised ‘C***ry Living’. Yeah, they’ve had a go at us here at VERSA for “RLY IMPORTANT OPPRESSIVE PSEUDO-SATIRICAL-MOSTLY-ATROCIOUS WANK (I would beg to differ). But, in the end I’d rather Cuntry Living commenters said what they think and challenge what they find oppressive than let people get away with shit when it really matters.

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