no democracy union

The Union election has got messy for a different reason this term: no one knows what the fuck is going on.

Candidates, election officials and supporters are playing by two different sets of rules.

Most people are working by the new rules, introduced via a poll in fifth week (including the ability to campaign online and legalised slates). The Chief Gimp (on his CV, it’s “Returning Officer”), however, is denying that these rules changes are in force and has decided to steam ahead with an election under the old rules.

Controversially, there is no RON option on the ballot papers. HackWatch hears many people have been writing it on anyway, including some very big dogs…

Meanwhile, tension is running high amongst the officer candidates in the mega-slate after one particular team member wiped out an entire morning of hacking after a particularly big night in Bridge last night.

If you can be bothered to “vote” in this pseudo-democratic farce, don’t forget to write something offensive on your ballot paper. Anything written has to be read aloud whilst the votes are counted tonight.

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