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Current mood

What has 9th week brought us? For some, freedom from law mods, and for others, just the start of our descent into the meaningless void that is the vac, to be punctuated only by the boat race.

Meanwhile, on the VERSA team, we have been incredibly busy going about our “spring cleaning”, a term which here means “updating our website”, “changing up the sections” and “generally being better”.

We saw your comments and we listened.

~*~W H O L E S O M E  C O N T E N T  E N S U E S~*~

Not really, we saw your comments, and we didn’t give a wank, but to be honest, we kind of want a project so why not face-lift this “once fearless” example of “quality journalism”?

Stay tuned for sarcasm, bitterness and  R E A L  S T U D E N T   E X P E R I E N C E S and S E M I – I R O N I C  U S E  O F   T H I S  W R I T I N G   T H A T  I  S A W  E D G Y  P E O P L E  U S I N G  O N  C O O L  F A C E B O O K           G R O U P S (or maybe not, it’s really time consuming) next term.